Friday, September 26, 2008

Trickle Up Economics

America is at a point where past economic philosophies can no longer be trusted. The concept of "Trickle Down Economics" - part of Reaganomics has failed us. taking care of the elite and trusting them to create jobs and prosperity for the middle class as failed.

As our leaders contemplate a $700,000,000,000.00 bailout of Wall Street I have to wonder why. Why should the tax payers bailout those that have made billions at their expense when it does nothing for the home owner that is losing his/her home? Why?

I speak from first hand experience. I was in foreclosure. I was raped by Countrywide financial. Do to an economic hardship I fell three months behind on my mortgage. right as I was making the financial turn, Coutrywide, without warning foreclosed on my mortgage. This was bad, what was worse is that they pretended to want to work with me to solve the problem while filing the bankruptcy. The first time that I found out that I was in foreclosure came when a third party informed me.

At this point Coutrywide avoided all phone contact. They then tacked on $6000.00 in fees on top of the late payments. $6000.00 - "legal fees and processing".

Well low and behold some other mortgage genius was ready to refinance me. So at an expense of $7000 I was able to refinance my home. Someone in foreclosure could refinance through another company but the current mortgage holder wouldn't work with me.

So, these poor rapists, I mean mortgage companies managed to squeeze $13,000 out of me as I paid off Country Wide and refinanced with another company. $13,000!!! Financed over 30 years.

I have zero compassion for these companies and those that got rich in the "housing boom". If we as a country are ready to send $700 BILLION dollars then it needs to be infused into the economy at the bottom.

If we are buying "bad debt" then buy it from the homeowners. Give them the cash to get caught up on their mortgage and keep their homes. Ultimately the money ends up in the banks anyway so what's the difference EXCEPT people get to keep their homes.

Its time to try "TRICKLE UP ECONOMICS". Infuse the system from the bottom and see what happens.

Also, during the first Presidential Debate both candidates mentioned tax cuts for those that earn less then $250,000 a year. Hello! How about realizing that if you earn over $150,000 a year you are doing okay and can pay a bit more. Big time reality check needed here from both sides of the aisle.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pennsylvania's "Casey" Democrats

It looks like Christianity will play a major role in the upcoming PA primary......


Pennsylvania has an estimated 3.8 million Catholics, or just over 30 percent of the state's population, and the percentage among Democrats is estimated to be slightly higher.

Scranton is the hometown of the late Gov. Robert P. Casey, a feisty Catholic politician who stood up to the Democratic Party over abortion. Pennsylvania's version of the so-called "Reagan Democrat" willing to buck the party on such issues are called "Casey Democrats," and they are a critical voting bloc in Pennsylvania.

"Those so-called Casey Democrats will be looking for a broad agenda on social justice, economic justice and a recognition by the candidate, by our nominee that he or she will be someone who can talk about their faith, but more important than that, can listen to them, listen to what their concerns are and also listen to them about their faith and their point of view," said Bob Casey Jr., Pennsylvania's junior senator and the son of the former governor. He has not endorsed in the primary.

Friday, March 21, 2008

What Did Jesus Do?

What Did Jesus Do?

Abortion. Same sex marriage. Stem Cell Research. All buzz words in the Christian community. All important issues that Christians face and consider when electing a candidate for public office. All abominations in the eyes of God.

What would Jesus do when faced with such things? How would He vote? I think that it is obvious that He would vote according to His Word. But would this be the end of it? Would this even be the most important issue, the end action? Vote and go home?

I don’t think so. I often wonder if Jesus would have even spent much time and effort effecting legislative change. Jesus didn’t do that when He walked the earth. His efforts were aimed at the hearts of man. We are living in a fallen world and no amount of legislation can change that. Jesus knew that so He spent His time preparing and equipping people to live in this fallen world – to be in the world and not of it.

I think that perhaps there is a great deal of merit in this. We live in a fallen world. You can look around and see the downward spiral that we are on. Can this be changed by legislation? I don’t think so. Can it be changed by a revival within the church? Absolutely. If those who call on the Name of the Lord would practice what He taught, would walk in love and live an example of His life before the world there would be change.

If the millions of Christians in this country would stand united in their actions, that’s the key, their actions – how they live their lives daily, it would be immaterial if same sex marriage were legal. It would not effect you. Your example of living a life of love would probably effect more change than any law could. It would require you to be more active in educating your children in regards to your beliefs. And it would probably require a closer walk with God, deeper fellowship with believers, and a greater faith and trust in God.

In Genesis we read of Adam and Eve and the fall of man. God could have made man to have no choice, no free will, but didn’t. Adam and Eve had a choice. In the face of evil they chose poorly. We still have those choices. God didn’t legislate the choice away from Adam and Eve and I don’t think that this is the answer today. The ultimate issue is what will you do as a Christian in the face of evil. How will you chose when confronted with evil?

How does this play into my choosing to vote Democrat in this election? It takes the smoke and mirror issues out of the equation and allows me to focus on the real political issues: the economy, the war in Iraq, the environment, health care, immigration, and the elimination of the middle class.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can You Be A Christian and a Democrat?

Is it possible for a person to be a Christian and a Democrat? That is the question.

I am a Christian. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I believe that He was crucified on the cross, was buried and rose from the dead. I believe that His shed blood paid for my sins and that no one goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ.

I am also voting Democrat in the up coming election. Many Christians find this shocking. How can someone that professes Jesus as Savior vote for a candidate from the “baby killer” party? How can someone that believes that Jesus is the Son of God vote for a candidate from the party that selects judges that back same-sex marriage? It’s scandalous!

A Pro-Life Democrat

Let me explain. I am pro-life. I believe that abortion is a great sin. It is the taking of another life; murder. However I don’t think that Roe –v- Wade will ever be overturned by casually elected officials.

Eight years ago the buzz in the Christian community was that if Bush was elected he would appoint Supreme Court judges and Roe – V – Wade would be overturned. It didn’t happen. The President did appoint judges but nothing happened. The Christian community came out to vote, elected a leader that reflected their values, and went home to wait and see what would happen. Nothing did. Why?

This comes as no surprise as most people that fill the pews are content to let their leaders do the work for them. They dutifully show up for church, participate as needed, some even tithe, but the majority are content to let their pastor read the word, pray and bring a message to them on Sunday. The delegate their responsibility to pursue God to have a relationship with Him, to the pastor and believe that all is well. They need do nothing more than show up on Sunday, sing some songs, put a couple of bucks in the offering tray and all is well.

This same philosophy carries over into the political arena. The political congregation is content and believes that voting for a candidate that professes their faith fulfills their responsibility. Cast you vote and go home and all is well. Becoming active in the political process is not needed. The elected official will do it all, interceding on Capital Hill for you.

Unfortunately the results in the Kingdom and the results on Capital Hill are the same. A luke warm congregation where nothing gets done, where no one is held accountable, where there is no progress.

Killing A Baby By Neglect Is Still Murder

I was watching a documentary on Health Care by the liberal Satan, Michael Moore, called “Sicko ”. I never thought that I would watch something by “him”, after hearing all of the Christian leaders decry his other films. But my stepdaughter said that it was very interesting and that even if I didn’t agree with him, I would at least know what the other side was espousing straight from the horse’s mouth.

So I watched it. It was very interesting, thought provoking and humorous. Even viewing this movie with rightwing eyes I was deeply moved. When the infant mortality rate in the United States is higher then Cuba something is wrong. In a country as wealthy as ours, how can we allow babies to die from lack of proper healthcare?

It is estimated that 17 out of 1000 babies are aborted in this country. The infant mortality rate is 6 out of 1000. Of the 17 aborted babies some would still be aborted if abortion were illegal as shown in history. For the sake of argument lets say that 5 of the 17 would still be lost. So the difference between aborted babies and the infant mortality rate is 6. Six out of a 1000 babies lost to abortion. That is ghastly and a national disgrace.

Now lets throw in health care, a key plank in the Democratic Party. In our current system millions cannot afford health care. The elderly, the poor and those in between are often the ones that suffer the most.

A recent study that was spread across the net revealed that those with a college education live longer than those with only a higher school education. Why? Because of the disparity in the health care that they receive.

The elderly that can’t afford their prescription drugs, the mother that can’t get proper prenatal care, the single father paying child support that can’t afford to visit a doctor. All of these result in premature death.

When you add the effects of lack of affordable health care into the mix and the loss of life it causes, then the Republican Party hardly holds the moral high ground on matters related to the preservation of life.